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Tips That Will Help You To Put A New Garbage Disposal

After years of service; it will come a time that your garbage disposal unit will stop functioning. The great thing with such a tool is that you do not require a professional to replace it for you. This is due to the fact that it does not have hard assembling steps. This article elaborates the procedure that you should use to remove the old unit and put the new one.

You should start by switching off the power source of the disposal unit. You should go to the house main circuit breaker and locate the switch which powers the garbage disposal unit. You will now get to work comfortably without the fear of getting electrocuted.

You should go on to figure out where the gadget is located. You will be required to open the doors that are beneath your sink. You will get to see a large gadget that looks cylindrical. This is the exact gadget that you will require to replace. You should take the model of the garbage disposal unit that you are removing. This will make sure that you do not purchase a gadget which will give you a hard time fitting.

Go on by removing the discharge tube. The exact pipe is the one running from the disposal side down to the ground plumbing. Start by first loosening all nuts at the joints. This will help you easily pull out the tube.

Releasing the old disposal follows next. Look for the metallic ring. Use one arm to hold the rings and the other to twist. Ensure that you place it where it will not spread its content.

The next step should be removed from the mountain ring. Remove the rubber located at the base of the mounting ring. This will make the mountain ring easily slide off. Look for the nut holding the remaining assembly in order to disassemble it as well as the sink flange. This will make it easy to the entire system to some out.

Get the new garbage disposal unit. The first step is ensuring that the sink flange is in the right position. Connecting the new mounting set should follow.

The next step towards the replacement process is bringing together the new mount ring and the disposal unit. rejoining the wires should follow up. Make sure that the discharge pipe fits to its designated place.

Look for any leakages by simply opening the sink tap. Once you have verified that the water is flowing without leaking, it is now safe for you to put the power back on. You can now go ahead and celebrate the fruits of your hard work.

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